Jeffrey H. Kahn, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
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Illinois State University
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Current vita

Guides for Students, Scientists, and Educators

Below are some resources I have developed that you may use. Educators are welcome to use these guides without directly communicated permission from me. These resources may be printed out, and/or a link to my web page may be placed on an educator's web page provided the web page is designed for instructional purposes. Individuals should not try to pass these materials off as their own creations.

Research Instruments/Tests/Measures

Some of the research measures I have used or developed are freely available for use by students and members of the scientific community. You are welcome to use these instruments in your own work, but I would appreciate receiving results from any studies that use them.

Sample Data

Below are sample data sets (SPSS format) that were used in selected publications. Anyone is free to download and play with these data without formal permission from me: